Contact lenses, unlike eyeglasses, are placed directly on the eyes for better visibility. These lenses can be hard or soft. These soft contact lenses are the most prevalent because they are easier to put on than hard lenses. These glasses are generally secure as long as they are properly worn and cared for. The function of appropriate contact lens care is to use theĀ contact lens solution recommended by eye care professionals.

What does contact lens solution hold?

  • Disinfectant

One of the significant roles of contact lens solutions is lens disinfection. Disinfectants in solution remove bacteria, fungi, germs and other microbes that can induce infections.

The most standard components of disinfectant contact lenses are hydrogen peroxide, boric acid and ascorbic acid.

  • Preservative

Contact lens preservatives keep them effective and refreshed longer. They make your contact lens solution have an extended life, so you can use it even before its expiration date.

  • Wetting solutionĀ 

Your contact lenses need to remain hydrated to keep them soft. Effective wetting agents are gradually released throughout the day. For this reason, some kinds of contact lens solutions recommend washing contact lenses more often throughout the day. Rehydrating the lens will reduce eye fatigue.

  • Surfactant

These lens solutions act as surfactants. If you live in a dusty area, you require a contact lens solution that contains a more effective surfactant additive. This factor cleans the deposits on the surface of the contact. It is slightly abrasive and helps to remove debris without damaging the surface of the lens.

Therefore, getting the perfect contact lens solution for your lens is imperative.

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