Award Plaques

Award plaques are designed to recognize and acknowledge an individual or group of individuals who demonstrate outstanding qualities in a specific area. The recipient of an award plaque should be honored and proud of their accomplishments. Award plaques are available in a number of shapes and sizes and are given for a number of reasons.

The physical characteristics of award plaques include the material, shape and size of each plaque. Each individual plaque will differ according to the category from which it is given. Sports plaques are often in the shape of equipment used in the specific sports, whereas academic award plaques are often in basic square or rectangle shapes. An award plaque will always have the name of the recipient, usually accompanied by the date which it was given, and possibly a small write-up.

Award plaques are given for a number of reasons. They are most often the subject of an important accomplishment in a person's life. Individuals receiving award plaques most likely excel in at least one of the following areas:

  1. Sports - Sports are the most common subject of award plaques. Basketball, soccer, football, baseball and hockey are among the most popular sports which hand out award plaques. An individual does not necessarily have to show exceptional skill in the sport since there are other awards like, "most dedicated" and most "sportsmanlike." Another form of sports award plaques include perpetual plaques, which are often given to sports teams. Perpetual plaques are given to the winning team of a specific sports league each consecutive year and each year the new (or remaining) team will have their team name engraved on the plaque.
  2. Music - Music awards are given to individuals of all ages who excel in playing a specific form of musical instrument. Piano, violin and clarinet are the most common types of musical instruments in which players will receive award plaques.
  3. School - Academic awards are great ways to not only acknowledge children for their accomplishments, but to motivate them in continuing to succeed. Each academic subject usually gives out awards as well as an all-around student award for one student who excels in a number of areas. In junior high, high school and college, students who maintain an average above 80 percent will receive an academic award of excellence as well. This is often known as the honor roll.
  4. Business - Businesses which continue to succeed for a number of years will often receive an award plaque for their continued success in the business. The least amount of years for a business to receive this type of plaque is usually 25.

Award plaques are a great way to acknowledge an exceptional individual for their accomplishments. This type of plaque is relatively inexpensive and will be cherished for many years to come.

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