Custom Picture Framing

There are a few important things to look for when selecting a professional framer to custom frame your artwork or other valuables.

Framers Listen

Be sure your designer gets it. There must be an understanding as to what kind of decor you're already working with and what your personal taste is. Ask questions and get a sense of what kind of advice they give you. Participate and voice your opinions. Framing should be a collaborative experience, with both you and the designer on the same level.

Exercise Your Assertiveness

Be certain it is clear if you do or do not want your artwork cropped or otherwise altered. Some designers may attempt to fit your piece into a ready-made frame by trimming your artwork. This can be a devastating misunderstanding. Ask for options and alternatives and perhaps ask for an odd-shaped frame they may have in the back. Double-checking is your responsibility so keep the communication lines open. Your designer should be willing to go out of his or her way to accommodate your specific needs.

In-house Custom Framing

Ask if their framing is completed on-site or if it is shipped off. If the latter is the case you may want to reconsider companies. The more your artwork travels the more likely it is for it to get lost or damaged in transit. This can be very upsetting after the fact, especially since it was easily avoidable. Also, shipping a piece to another location can mean waiting days and sometimes weeks for its return.

Picture Frame Quality

Make sure you get a good quality product. You should never be faced with using acid-based mat board, cardboard backing, plastic frames or any other material that may compromise the integrity of your artwork.

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