Dedication Plaques

Dedication plaques are plaques which are often used to dedicate a tangible object to someone. For example, a dedication plaque could be a bench which is dedicated to a passed loved one. If a dedication plaque is nailed to a bench, the plaque will read "in honor of." In order to signify it is donated to them.

Many individuals confuse dedication plaques with memorial plaques, however there is clear distinction between the two. Memorial plaques are used in order to acknowledge or honor a passed loved one, whereas dedication plaques are often used for individuals who are still living. Dedication plaques can be used for individuals regardless of whether or not they are living. Memorial plaques are only used for individuals who have passed.

The following is a list of situations and circumstances in which dedication plaques would be appropriate:

  1. Passed Loved One - You can dedicate a tree, bench or any other object to honor a passed love one. When you are using a dedication plaque to honor a past love one they are much the same as memorial plaques.
  2. Veterans - Veterans are the subject of many dedication plaques because so many individuals honor and respect and want to show their appreciation to them.
  3. Celebrities - I'm sure you have heard about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is the talk of many entertainment shows. Each star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a dedication plaque. Each dedication plaque is acknowledging an individual who has been successful in becoming rich and famous.
  4. Charitable Donors - If an individual or a company donates a large amount of money to a certain cause, they are often rewarded with a dedication plaque. These plaques are given in place of the money they donated. The plaques are a representation of the money spent to help the charitable foundation.

Dedication plaques are given to individuals who have made a difference in at least one person's life. They are to show recognition and thanks for choosing to put others before themselves.

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