Diploma and Document Frames

Diploma frames and document frames are important because certificates and diplomas are more than just a piece of paper. These often represent some sort of recognition worthy of a place on the wall and they have potential for a classy aesthetic value. Treat your document and diploma well and it will be a great discussion piece for the office.

It is common for documents and diplomas to get 'over-framed' because of the intense pride and value placed on them. Sometimes they symbolize years of hard work and achievement. Do not overpower the certificate with extravagant and unnecessary elements. The frame is there to support the document, and make sure the text can be clearly viewed with little distraction.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry when handling your document or diploma. Before you do anything the certificate has got to be flat. If your certificate came in a tube, or even worse, if it has been sitting in a tube in your basement for awhile, it's got to be flattened. Unroll the paper and place it, curl side down, on a clean, smooth surface. Lay a clean towel over its top, and proceed to carefully stack books on top until the document is free of any evidence of creasing. Be aware of where the seal is, and avoid putting much weight in this area, as this will undoubtedly flatten the raised impression.

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