Diploma Frame Advice

Documents and diplomas look great in varnished, dark wood picture frames. Try a picture frame with a black or gold stripe running along the edge; or even one with subtle details like tiny ivy leaves or some unimposing design. You can also get away with a metal picture frame, but be sure to be generous with the mat border so it doesn't appear stripy with all the different lines and angles. If you're in a financial bind there are many ready-made frames for documents or diplomas on the market. They can be found at department stores and also in photography shops or framing shops. This is the easy way out and definitely not one to take if you want the most impressive results.

Document Glass & Diploma Glass

Regular glass would normally be fine, but a non-reflective glass is ideal if a document or diploma picture frame is hung in an office across from a window.

Document Mats & Diploma Mats

Standard sized document mats or diploma mats should have at least a 2" border of mat. Try coordinating the top mat with the paper tone. For the secondary mat, select the color used to print the most important text. Attempt a v-groove for that little added detail, which is especially helpful if you've opted for a simple metal picture frame.

Document & Diploma Display

For impact at its fullest, try to arrange all of your certificates, diplomas and documents in the same area, with an effort to match the picture frames and picture mats. If there is no obvious color scheme, then choose a neutral paper tone. Stick with the neutral mat as your unifying shade and add secondary mats to individualize each document or diploma.

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