DIY Picture Framing

Assembling a do it yourself wood frame or metal frame is basically a similar task. First put the frame sides together, clean and insert the glass, insert your artwork, and secure the hardware. The tricky part could be in the mounting and handling of your artwork.

Assembling a Metal Frame

  1. Follow steps 1-8 in 'Assembling a Wood Frame'.
  2. Screw two short, and one long side of your metal frame together, forming a 'C' shape.
  3. Slip the prepared materials in the groove, and proceed by screwing on the final side.
  4. Finish it off by inserting metal springs that keep the glass and other materials pressed to the front of the frame.
  5. Screw on hangers specific for metal frames ¾ of the way up from the bottom of the frame. Attach the appropriate wire depending on the weight of the piece. Consider attaching a taught wire horizontally to act as a brace if your piece is too heavy and you find the sides are bowing out.
  6. Mission completed. Give the glass another squirt and wipe for good measure.

Assembling a Wood Frame

  1. Clean one side of your glass with cleaner and paper towel and put it aside, clean side up.
  2. Hinge the top of your mat to the top of your backing.
  3. Place the artwork on your backing, and center it according to where the mat will rest once it is flipped down on the piece.
  4. Adhere your artwork to the backing, only on the top, to let it hang freely.
  5. Place the mat back down on the artwork, now secure.
  6. Place the mat, artwork and backing upside down on the clean side of the glass.
  7. Flip over the glass, taking the mat, artwork and backing with it.
  8. Clean the front of the glass and check for dust or other foreign objects that may have gotten in.
  9. Place the wood frame over the entire package of materials, and flip everything over so the back is completely exposed.
  10. Secure the backing in with either a staple gun or flexible metal points, which you can purchase at the hardware store. Your artwork is now secure in the frame.
  11. Run a piece of double-sided tape along the back perimeter of the frame, and attach a piece of craft paper for the dust cover. Use a razor blade to cut off the excess.
  12. Screw in either mirror hangers or screw eyes (depending on the weight of your piece) about of the way up from the bottom of the frame. Attach the appropriate wire. Pulled from the top, as if it was hanging, the wire should reach at least two inches from the frame. It will likely stretch over time, so leave room with this in mind to avoid the wire being visible over the top.
  13. Voila. Hang and enjoy.
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