How to Scrapbook

Choose Scrapbooking Pictures

You have to know how many photos you want included in your arrangement in order to calculate the space you're going to need. One page can accommodate around 4-6 photos depending on how you organize and crop them later. Choose one with telling backgrounds and good composition.

Scrapbooking Album

This is the area where you should splurge if you can afford to because packaging is everything. You get to decide what size, material and binding you would like your album to be. A good way to start is to purchase a selection of small, beautiful albums and create individual collections for each different theme.

Scrapbooking Paper

Choose a paper that goes with the colors or mood of your photos. It's easy to spend all your time on this because you'll find there are a lot of options, so purchase more than one kind and experiment. It's always nice to have a hint of detail, so try and include at least one paper with a subtle design to use either as a background or accent.

Scrapbooking Themes

Once again, your pictures will likely determine the theme of the scrapbook. Try to establish something concrete such as 'autumn fun' or 'ski bunnies' because you'll find your end result will be stronger if you aim for something specific.

Organize Scrapbook Photos

Never adhere your photos without trying a few arrangements first. Move them around until you find what strikes you as the best placement and try to keep some kind of unity between pages. Don't forget to leave spaces for titles, text and extras!

Cropping Photos

This is the scariest part of scrapbooking. Your photos must be cropped to achieve proper placement and originality. Start simply by sticking with squares or rectangles before getting crazy with different shapes and sizes. If you're really unsure about cutting a photo make a copy of it first!

Scrapbook Matting

You do not have to mat your photos, but it can help unify pages. Try starting with only a couple of scrapbooking pages showing about 1/8" of matting paper and leave the rest to stand on their own. If you're feeling creative, trying ripping the edges and experiment with different shades. Find a color scheme and stick with it!

Scrapbook Extras

There are countless pre-made embellishments available on the market, including: scrapbooking stickers, scrapbooking stamps, decorative cutouts or scrapbooking ribbons. This extras help with the overall feeling of the scrapbook, making it fun, romantic, exciting, or nostalgic.

Record Memories

This step is most important. You are designing the story that gives important details of the bigger picture, and this is the best part. After this step is completed, you will always remember exactly what happened, where you were, and who was there to share it.

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