Enterprise resource planning or ERP is a type of software responsible for organizing the day-to-day business activities like accounting, Project Management, Compliance, and various other supply chain operations. It consolidates the process of gathering and organizing data in business via an integrated software. It shows how to handle business resources. It does not matter whether the material is raw or already manufactured.

Types of ERP Solutions

There are several types of ERP available for services to ensure the needs of the companies out there.

  • Apparel ERP:- This ERP handles the changeover in fashion trends in manufacturing, selling. Also, it manages the fashion items according to season change.
  • Automotive ERP- Auto manufacturing depends on ERP tools for various procedures like inventory, management, quality control, and many more facilities.
  • Cannabis ERP- One of the most crucial ERP tools that deal with the wanted things worldwide. It functions in cultivation, manufacturing, processing, and distribution legally.
  • Higher Education ERP- College students have to get some educational support in their data, including attendance, projects, fees submission, and many more.

Is it Important to Use ERP?

Generally, an ERP system depends upon necessary functions and protects the user from unnecessary things and details. In manufacturing, the manufacturers need applications for raw materials. However, there is a need for some crucial steps and procedures for teachers, students, and other staff members in the higher education sector.

ERP solution Singapore is an electronic toll electronic management that adopts in Singapore for managing the traffic by making the road pricing. It acts as a usage-based taxing system. Singapore was the first city that has adopted the electronic road toll collection system. No doubt, it has gained immense support in many other countries that have also applied this technology.

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