Magnetic Picture Frames

Magnetic picture frames are unique, interesting and are available in a number of styles and designs. Magnetic picture frames have become highly popular and are used for a number of purposes. Below you will find a list of purposes for magnetic picture frames:

  1. Pictures on the Fridge - Many parents choose to put their child's picture in a magnetic frame and place it on the fridge beside their artwork and other school work. Other individuals take pride in pictures of their pets, cars or other family members and choose to put their pictures in the magnetic frames instead. Despite the subject of the picture, magnetic picture frames are great fridge decorations.
  2. Sales Promotions - Magnetic pictures frames are fairly inexpensive and for this reason have become great items to use as sales promotions. Magnetic photo frames are a small personalized item to hand out, in order to get individuals to notice your company. From a sales perspective, magnetic picture frames are very effective in promoting companies.
  1. Crafts - Making your own magnetic picture frames is a great idea for camp crafts or teaching. They are inexpensive; making them great items for camps or schools, which occupy many children at one time. Using popsicle sticks is a great idea for making your own magnetic pictures frames. Use the popsicle sticks to create the frame and then place the picture inside the sticks. Once you have completed the frame, glue strips of magnets to the back and your magnetic picture frame will be completed
  2. Hobbyists - Many individuals have made hobbies out of making or collecting magnetic picture frames. There are many shapes and styles for individuals choosing to buy or make this form of picture frame. They are great collector's items and you can potentially collect hundreds and hundreds of them.

Magnetic picture frames are available in flexible material or in hard, wooden frames. They can cost as little as 25 cents a piece or they can be more expensive depending on the style and material.

As you can see, there are many fun and creative uses for magnetic picture frames. If you purchase blank designs in bulk, your children can use sparkles, markers and stencils to decorate them. These work as great rainy day activities, when children are stuck inside with nothing to do.

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