Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques are used to show love and honor to loved ones who have passed away. Memorial plaques are available in many designs, styles and sizes and can be placed in a number of areas. Depending on the type of plaque you want, memorial plaques can be expensive or inexpensive.

Memorial plaques, like most other forms of plaques, are most commonly made from strong metals such as bronze or aluminum. Most memorial plaques are placed outdoors and for this reason. It is important that the material be rust resistant and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. They can be placed in front of tree, on a bench or on a cemetery plot in order to remember the person you loved. The size of your plaque will depend on where it will be placed as well as how much writing and design will be on it.

A memorial plaque is often confused with a dedication plaque. These two forms of plaques are very different. A memorial plaque is dedicated specifically to an individual who has passed away whereas a dedication plaque can be given to any individual, regardless if they are alive or passed.

A memorial plaque will usually indicate at least two things. First, it will indicate the name of the deceased. This includes the first and last name of the individual as well as the middle name, if desired. The second thing a memorial plaque will indicate is the date of birth and the date which the individual passed away. There are also a number of images such as flowers, pine cones, vines and bells, which make for great designs on memorial plaques. A memorial plaque should be personalized to represent the characteristics of the deceased individual.

Memorial plaques can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. When honoring a loved one, it is important to make sure you do it in a way that pays tribute to the lives they affected. That said you want to add parts of their personality to their memorial plaque. If your husband often gave you roses, maybe an image of a rose would be appropriate. You can also customize your memorial plaque to say a short phrase which describes the individual. Sayings like: loving mother, in remembrance, greatly missed and I love you are popular phrases, but you can choose whatever you wish. One person I know put, "This sucks" which is what the deceased always said and to describe the emotion of a friend being gone.

Memorial plaques are an excellent way to remember and honor the life of someone you love.

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