Movie Posters

There are so many types, designs and categories regarding movie posters that it would be practically impossible to cover all areas in one page. With new movies constantly being released every week, the list of movie posters to choose from is never ending.

In order to best describe the types of movie posters on the market, we will have to divide them into 5 categories. The categories and descriptions are as follows:

  1. Comedy - Comedy movies tend to be very popular and there is always high demand for these types of posters. Some of the most popular comedy posters include American Pie, Old School and Anchorman. Comedy posters are perfect for individuals (especially guys) in university who want to add personality to their new abodes.
  2. Romance - Although mostly for girls, romance movie posters are admired by many individuals and are the choice poster for many bedrooms. Romance movies remind us of love and we want to surround ourselves with happy thoughts from romance movies.
  3. Adventure - Adventure posters are great for outdoor enthusiasts who love to live life to the fullest. Adventure movie posters include movies like Mission Impossible, Batman and many others. These are usually chosen by men as well.
  4. Classic - Classic movies are movies which were popular a number of years ago and remain popular today as well. A classic movie with a poster which is still in high demand is "Gone with the Wind".
  5. Horror - Although some people cringe at the thought of having these posters in their rooms or lockers, others can't wait for the next horror flick to hit the cinemas. Most popular among men and young boys, horror movie posters are one of the least popular types of movie posters.

There are many other types of movie posters as well. These types of posters are often great collectible items and can potentially be worth a lot of money. Some individuals buy them because they loved the movie, others because they love the actors/actresses in the movie.

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