Needlework Framing Advice

Needlework Frame

Hours go into the tedious procedure of stitching needlework art and it should therefore be displayed in a special way. Wood picture frames help achieve a more personalized feel if you use warm wood stains and a variety of original styles. Check out garage sales for frames with character. Or build your own needlework frame. It is especially unique if all parts come from the hand of the artist. Note that metal picture frames will most likely not be able to accommodate all the materials that go into framing a needlework piece.

Needlework Glass

It is not mandatory to put needlework under glass. If you choose to mat your piece, then glass is an automatic inclusion. However, it is possible for glass to actually harm the piece, if moisture were to get trapped inside, because fabric needs to breathe. The downside to leaving glass out of the picture frame is the risk of soiling the piece simply from everyday passer-bys and mishaps. If you opt out of glass, apply a protective Scotchguard spray to the artwork to repel future spots. The needlework frame choice is completely up to you.

Needlework Mats

Mats usually look great on needlework and often multiple mats are included. The catch is that if your needlework piece has a distinct grid in the fabric, like in a cross-stitch, then it must be mounted and positioned perfectly square to agree with the right angles of the mat opening. This process can be tedious, but absolutely worth it.

Needlework Display

Small needlework pieces seem to often end up as bathroom dcor. This is alright, however, be cautious against excess humidity and try to avoid hanging anything in the vicinity of a steamy shower. For larger pieces, consider placing the needlework frame over the mantel as the centerpiece of a room. Impressive pieces can also be leaned, rather than hung, on a display shelf for careful examination by awe-struck viewers.

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