Oil Painting Frames

Oil paintings are traditionally painted on a canvas stretched over bars. They can also be painted on a board. This means the oil painting frame must be deep, substantial, and should be made of wood over metal. You may find selection of an oil painting frame to be slightly limited because of these constraints.

The toughest decision when it comes to framing oil paintings is whether or not to use glass. Many people prefer to look at a painting without glass. It's not absolutely necessary since picture glass accomplishes basically the same protective function as varnish when applied to an oil painting. Glass is, however, more effective in resisting dust and protecting the artwork from UV rays. Note that today many museums put their most prized masterpieces behind glass for their ultimate protection.

If you do opt for glass you would need a spacer, so it does not touch the artwork. In the land of oil painting, this comes in the form of a fabric liner, which sits in between the artwork and the glass, and acts like a mat would for paper-based art.

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