Oil Painting Framing Advice

Oil Painting Frame

Larger paintings tend to look best with larger moldings. For classical art, consider something with gold-leaf that looks elegant and timeless. For something more modern, try a chunky, sleek, black frame. Experiment with fabric liners if your frame has a rustic feel, or your subject is a landscape or floral theme. Liners work best with anything seemingly old-fashioned or classical, otherwise, opt out and go no glass.

Oil Painting Display

Oil paintings often command instant attention and should be the centerpiece of a room. Position your frame with other paintings of a similar theme, and perhaps over the couch or fireplace, to achieve a sense of grandeur. Smaller paintings look great in a series, perhaps three or four in a lined-up (or even scattered) arrangement, as the perfect way to fill any space. Regardless of size or arrangement, oil paintings should always be displayed in a cool, dry environment.

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