Photo Framing Advice

Photo Frame

For family photos, wood frames are often the way to go. They generally have more of a 'homey' feel and give off a warmer feel than a metal picture frame. For a photo frame arrangement intended for the cottage, try a barn board style molding for that rustic photo frame feel. Conversely, for an office or formal living space, try a dark mahogany photo frame with clean lines and a smooth finish. Metal photo frames can be a good way to go if the photo is 'artsy' or abstract, of a contemporary subject, or black and white (choose a jet black, chrome or silver variety).

Photo Mats

Personal photographs are usually fairly busy and sporting a lot of activity. The key word is 'simplify'. Try neutral photo mats that compliment the image. This is not boring; rather the opposite. The neutral photo matting provides maximum attention to the photo. A secondary mat can be a nice extra as long as it has a non-intrusive accent color which is revealed just around the photo.

Picture Frame Glass

The picture frame glass you choose for your photos can often depend on where you'll be hanging your picture frame. In front of a window, go with a non-reflective, conservation glass. If not in risk of direct UV rays, then your standard no-frills glass should do the trick. If your photo is aged and holds sentimental value than most certainly choose a conservation glass to avoid further damage.

Photo Display

The great thing about photos is that they can be arranged on a wall in a staggered manner, to give a homey collage-style feel, or systematically positioned within an area. Picture frames can be mixed and matched, or completely uniform. As is the norm with picture framing, there are no rules. Consider blowing up your photos to be more of a centerpiece, or keep them 4"x6" and put them behind a mat with multiple openings. Possibilities are endless.

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