Photo Framing Ideas

Collage Frames

Gather a variety of photos and put them in categories with a theme. Purchase 4 or 5 large picture frames and arrange the photo frames according to the subject matter. Try a photo mat with multiple openings, to accommodate all of the photographs, and you instantly have a great, organized collection of memories. Several collage frames make for very eclectic and exciting decor.

Mix & Match Photo Frames

Frame a variety of photos or other significant images each in its individual frame, each with unique colors and combinations. Choose an area such as a stairway wall which can contain a selection of small photo frames with little distraction. Hang the picture frames with method, such as by theme or in order of events. Try a family tree frame with Great Grandma in the centre and the family branching off. What a satisfying photo framing arrangement to pass every day in your home.

Christmas Picture Frames

Try treating certain pictures like holiday decorations. Frame a selection of your favorite Christmas Cards (or any seasonal occasion, like Easter) and bring them out at the same time each year for display. Choose original events like Thanksgiving get-togethers or Valentine's celebrations. You'll be thrilled to see them year after year and it's nice to keep changing-up the dcor.

Strategic Picture Placement

If pictures were taken in the kitchen try displaying photo frames in the kitchen. If they were taken in the hallway, hang the photo frames in the hallway! This is fun as your home changes and your family grows and keeps the memories alive where they occurred.

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