Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is a process used to revive old and damaged photos. It creates a replica of what the photo originally looked like. Photo restoration (also known as photo refinishing) has the ability to turn old, damaged, ripped and discolored photos into photos which look as good as new. This process is performed by professionals who are highly trained and skilled in this area.

Airbrushing is the most common technique used in photo restoration. Airbrushing involves a mechanical brush, which is used to apply the paint onto the photo. This form of brush uses compressed air (as opposed to bristles) to break the paint down into a very fine mist. The artist can use this brush to create desired tones throughout the photograph. Airbrushing, along with all other work in photo restoration, is done on a replica print so the original print is never touched. This eliminates any possibility that your original photograph will be further damaged in the process.

When photo restoration is complete, you will not only have a new picture of higher quality, but you will also be provided with a negative copy of the new photo. The negative will allow you to print this photo for many years to come. Some manufacturers even guarantee your negative will last at least 100 years.

If you are considering using photo restoration on your pictures, but are not sure if they qualify for this process, the following list will provide you with the types of photos most commonly used for restoration purposes:

  • Photos which have lost their color or changed color over time.
  • Photos with scratches on them.
  • Photos which are ripped or torn.
  • Photographs damaged by fire.
  • Photographs damaged by floods.

Photo restoration has the ability to restore almost any form of damaged photograph. The price of photo refinishing depends on the photo and the amount of damage it has endured. The more problems with the photo, the more it will cost to restore.

Photo restoration is a highly developed process, which has given many individuals the opportunity to remember the past. Photos are meant to be cherished but, regardless of the cause, some photos do not have the ability to stand the test of time. Photo restoration reverses the negative effects that time has on your photos and allows you to cherish your photos by restoring them back to their original state. This way, your memories will truly last a lifetime.

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