Picture Frame Mounting

Never mount anything on corrugated cardboard. Acidity levels are high and your piece will be ruined in no time. There are a lot of efficient and sensible options when it comes to keeping the artwork within a frame. They are basically divisible in two categories.

Permanent Picture Frame Mounting

This process is long-lasting. It is the irreversible attachment of your artwork onto another material. This a great method to make your piece look good by permanently flattening it and sticking it down into position. This is not recommended if your artwork holds any monetary value or if you think it may in the future. Once it's mounted, it's mounted.


This is the process of flattening artwork to a backing board using heat, not moisture. A sheet of dry adhesive material that resembles wax paper is sandwiched between the artwork and the backing board. They are then slid into a heat press that melts the adhesive and forms a permanent bond to both sides. Be aware not to drymount anything that may melt at 190 degrees. This includes wax-based art like crayon drawings, fax paper and some color copes. Test a corner if you are unsure.

Conservation Mounting

This type of mounting means that you could remove your artwork at any time and that you would never know that it had been framed before. There are a variety of techniques you can employ to mount a piece in this way, including the employment of acid free corner pockets and acid-free adhesives.

Acid-Free Mounting Boards

Archival foamboard guards artworks from pollutants that could get in from the back of a framed piece.

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