Plaque Mounting

Plaque mounting is a great option if you are looking to protect your artwork without spending a lot of money. This is not the same as framing. It is a popular alternative which looks good and lasts long. Try photo plaques, certificate plaques, print plaques, poster plaques, newspaper clipping plaques and pretty much anything else that is in the family of paper-based media.

Images are mounted on ¼" masonite or hardboard; cut to the exact size of your artwork; and laminated with a surface that blocks UV rays, moisture and other contaminates. This plaque seal will save your piece from wrinkling, staining, and mildewing. Plaque mounting is a smart choice for a space with children or pets. There is no risk of the glass shattering, should it get knocked off the wall, and the surface is completely washable.

Though plaque mounting seems pretty straight forward you do have options to add your personal creative touch. The plaque edges are beveled with a wide variety of edging colors to choose from. One creative design idea is to add a mat, and laminate over the entire piece. Or use a collection of photographs of a similar theme and have them individually plaque mounted for an interesting wall arrangement.

Also, consider exploring the diverse plaque mounting options. For example, in addition to the standard hardboard you can attach a box frame, so it would hang away from the wall, similar to a canvas. You can also get a box frame made, so it is not visible from the front. It gives the impression that your artwork is floating on the wall.

Note that once your artwork is on, it's on. You cannot remove something from a plaque mount once it is mounted. Avoid plaquing anything of monetary value or heirloom treasure.

Plaque mounting a poster-sized print will run you around $60, and the cost will go up or down in accordance with the size. To do anything extra, like box or floating mounts, expect to pay around $100.

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