Poster Frame Advice

Poster Frame

If you love your poster simply because it's a poster, than treat frame it like one. Choose a simple, matte black frame or silver metal frame, and keep the paper its standard 24" X 30", include everything: borders, tack holes, small print, all of it. This is a fun, classic way to frame a poster especially if you're a collector. Wood frames aren't always realistic because posters are so large that the cost of a quality poster frame could start anywhere from $120 and just keep going up and up. Ask your local frame shop if they offer any deals for poster framing. It's a great way to entice students and you'll find that some places have clued into this. Expect to pay at least $30 to use a do it yourself poster frame and a custom poster framing usually starts at $80.

Poster Mats

A poster at its standard size is already big. Adding poster mats make it bigger, and more expensive. So it's up to you. And if you add a poster mat, even one, than forget the metal picture frame. A metal picture frame will not be able to accommodate a picture this size and weight. A wood picture frame will have to be custom made. If you are willing to spend the extra bucks, endless options are at your feet.

Poster Display

Make sure your poster was drymounted sometime in the framing process, if you had it custom done, otherwise something that size is almost sure to crease over time. As for where to hang itposters usually have their place before they're framed, and often it's a basement, a rec. room or a bedroom. Hang it with a simple wire on the back. The key here is to keep it simple.

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