Poster Frames

Whether it's a Led Zeppelin poster or an art poster print it's better on the wall than under your bed. There are several options when it comes to poster frames.

First let it be known that there are dozens of ready-made poster frames on the market. They are, for the most part, user-friendly and great for someone looking to just get their image on the wall or for the sake of a quickie addition to a rec. room. This is not the only way - know that there are options.

Posters can be treated as well as any original work of art and the finished, framed poster product will astound you. Trim off the white borders of the poster that announce the artist's name in big, bold letters. Zero-in on an important element of the image and consider trimming the outside dimensions, even more to isolate, and put a mat around that particular area. Or leave the poster as is, and apply a finishing lacquer to the surface, giving it a texture similar to an oil painting, and choose an elaborate, luxurious molding.

Assess the value of your poster- not how much money its worth, but how great the poster could look framed in your space.

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