Poster Printing

Poster printing can be a difficult and a confusing task for individuals who lack experience in this area. When choosing to print a poster there are two options to choose from, you can either print them yourself (using your computer) or you can take them to a printing shop and have them do it for you.

Going to a shop to print your posters is easy and efficient, however the convenience of this process will end up costing you a considerable amount more for your posters. If you design your posters on your computer you can send them into a print shop through email or you can personally take in a disk with the information on it. They will then process and print your posters for you. This is the easiest way to print posters.

Using a computer to print your own posters can be slightly difficult in comparison to going to a print shop. When printing your posters from your computer, there are basically two programs to choose from: Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Power Point. Microsoft Power Point is the most commonly used program used for printing posters. This program provides step by step instructions which will illustrate how to print your posters. These instructions must be followed carefully. Adobe Acrobat is not as commonly used as Microsoft because some computers do not have this program installed. Adobe also provides instructions illustrating how to print your posters.

Once you have determined your method of printing, you must now answer the minor (yet just as important) questions which remain. Two of the most important questions related to poster printing are answered below:

What Size do I Want?

Standard poster sizes vary among many companies. Common choices for average sized posters include 36" x 48" and 18" x 24". There are a number of sizes to choose from and many companies will custom design the posters to the size you prefer.

What Kind of Paper Should I Choose?

There are a number of types of paper to choose for your poster. The kind of paper you choose will depend on your preferences and the way you want your poster to look. Types of popular poster paper include normal, semi-gloss and glossy. If you want your poster to stand out, the glossy paper would be your best choice. However, always try to keep it out of sunlight since sunlight will create a glare and it will fade your work of art.

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