Precious Item Frames

In this case, 'precious items' is referring to vintage photographs, war medallions, delicate lacework, newspaper clippings or Bobby's first scout badge. Whatever you're framing, you'll find options are limitless, so the important thing is to focus on the conservation of these items.

Conservation Picture Framing

Irreplaceable art and items such as your child's first drawing and original documents should always be picture framed for archival preservation. Through conservation framing, all the materials involved in the process will preserve the artwork, protecting it from imminent threats like light and air. Keep your valuables in the best condition possible, to preserve their sentimental or monetary value, and your precious items can be enjoyed for generations to come.

If an important piece is not picture framed for preservation, you run the risk of it fading, yellowing, and even being eaten through by acids from low-quality materials. Conservation materials are specifically engineered to last forever and will not cause discoloration of any sort.

There are different degrees of conservation framing. It depends what the piece is and what kind of value it holds to determine how it should be preserved. Complete treatment is not always appropriate for certain items, and usually obvious for others. For instance, if you have an old, ripped poster the best way to preserve it would be to have it flattened through the process of drymounting. If it were a limited edition then an acid-free backing and conservation glass would be the best options to consider.

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