Scrapbooking Supplies

While there are entire stores devoted to scrapbooking materials, there are a few you just can't do without. Below is a scrapbooking supply short-list.

Scrapbooking Albums

Evaluate what you exact needs are for the project you have begun. Ask yourself what will work best with the layouts you had in mind, how much money you can afford to spend and what you're getting for your dollar. Spending around $20 is reasonable when purchasing an album.

Scrapbooking Paper

As in framing photographs, it is important to be sure that all the materials you use while scrapbooking are completely acid-free. You can find appropriate paper at many specialty art stores and they also should have a good selection of archival types. Purchase paper in accordance with the size of your album. Prices vary depending on the quality of paper.

Scrapbooking Scissors

Every scrapbooker has got to have at least one pair of reliable, sharp scissors. Decorative scrapbooking scissors are available, but are not necessary for a beginner. However, if you want that extra special flair don't be afraid to graduate to the paper edgers or shape cutters.

Scrapbooking Tapes and Glues

There are many options for how to adhere your photos to the paper. If you don't want your photos to be permanently glued down, opt for photo corners so they can be removed if necessary. If your album is to be your memories' home forever use an acid-free double sided tape or a glue stick. These can range from $1 and up.

Scrapbooking Pens

You need a good, archival quality pen to write comments throughout your scrapbook and also for decorative purposes. Start with a black one and then get creative with different colors, sizes and types of inks. Note that special pens are available which write on photographs and don't smear.

Scrapbooking Sheet Protectors

These are necessary if your pages are going into a binder. Keep your scrapbook clean and safe in the long-term by protecting the pages from fingerprints and dirt. The top-loading kind is recommended, so if items do come loose they are less likely to fall out and get lost. A pack of 25 should cost about $7 or $8.

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