Watercolor Frame Advice

Watercolor Frame

For a large watercolor, choose a frame that does it justice. Hand-painted imported frames can add elegance and frames with texture and class add dimension to your watercolor painting. Just remember that the frame should not take away from the piece; so stay simple, but use style. For smaller watercolor art, try a softly tinted, metallic picture frame. It tends to effectively match the diluted, pastel look of a watercolor painting.

Watercolor Mats

A single, neutral mat is often all a watercolor needs. Mat overkill can happen in an instant, different colors and textures taking away from the artwork's delicate nature. If a secondary mat is necessary for a little extra oomph, experiment by doubling the same shade as the top mat. Doubling mats of the same color add depth with little distraction. Finally, consider adding a v-groove for a touch of detail.

Watercolor Display

Keep the piece away from the window. UV damage is almost certain with watercolor art exposed to the sun, and even specialty glass is not 100%. As far as where your piece should hang watercolors are great for the bedroom. They often have a light, romantic feel. Get creative with the watercolor display and consider hanging a small frame with a silky, decorative ribbon.

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