Wedding Picture Frames

Weddings are a time for love and laughter and every detail should be remembered precisely the way it happened. The pictures taken at your wedding are likely to be some of the most important pictures you will ever take. These photos are important and should be kept in elegant and stylish picture frames.

The personalities of you and the person you are marrying can be revealed through the types of picture frames you display in your home. There are many types of wedding picture frames to choose from and here is a list of some of the most popular:

  • Just Married Picture Frame - Wedding photo frames which read "just married" are a great way to show off your favorite wedding photos. They are available in the shape of cars, flowers, squares, rectangles or any shape you desire. These are also great ideas for wedding gifts.
  • Double Ring Picture Frame - Double ring picture frames are the most popular types of wedding picture frames. These frames have an image of two intertwined wedding rings symbolizing the couple's everlasting love. These are great ideas for wedding gifts and also work well as anniversary gifts.
  • "I Do" Picture Frame - "I do" frames are a lot like just married wedding frames. This type of frame holds a picture of the happy couple which reads "I do", the two most important words in a wedding ceremony. These are available in many shapes and sizes as well.
  • Bride and Groom Picture Frames - This type of picture frame is designed to show off the fun side of a married couple. Bendable bodies (made out of rubber) are made to look like the bride and groom. The heads of the couple are left blank; this will be where the pictures are placed. The bodies are bendable so you can place them in any position you want. These photo frames also work well as wedding favors or bridal shower gifts.

There are many other styles of wedding picture frames, which are available in a number of sizes, shapes and materials. If you're looking for a truly memorable wedding picture frame consider purchasing a signature frame, which will enable you to remember the thoughts of every guest at your wedding.

Wedding signature frames are frames designed for your guests to sign, so you can remember each guest individually. In the center you will place a photo (once the wedding photos are developed) of you and your partner on your wedding day. Around the outside of the photo, each guest will sign their name and leave a message (if they choose to do so). This is a great idea for a wedding picture frame and will be cherished and loved for many years to come.

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