Metal, Plastic and Wooden Picture Frames

Picture frames are meant to enhance your art, not compete with it.

First things first. Decide where your picture is going to go. A wood picture frame may be more appropriate for a cottage-style space, whereas a metal picture frame may be better suited for a modern environment. In the end, you may just choose whatever looks best, regardless of the material.

Wood Picture Frames

Pros of wood picture frames: The selection of shapes, style and color is infinite. It is almost guaranteed that artwork will look great in a wood picture frame. They are available in a variety of woods like oak picture frames, ash picture frames, poplar picture frames and pine picture frames. The picture frame finishes can be easily manipulated with a wide selection of stains, lacquers, or gold and silver leaf. The backs of wood picture frames are sealed and protected with a dust cover, so your art will always be safe. In general, wood picture frames are preferred over metal.

Cons of wood picture frames: Though prices can start in the 'quite reasonable' range ($30 to $80), it won't take long to add up as your taste gets more elaborate. We're talking thousands.

Metal Picture Frames

Pros of metal picture frames: Metal frames generally fit better in a contemporary environment and can withstand dings and dents better than a wood picture frame can. Metal picture frames come in all colors, shiny or matte and are very user-friendly to assemble. In most cases, a metal picture frame is the most affordable option.

Cons of metal picture frames: Metal frames have an open back, so dust and insects have a one-way ticket in.

Plastic Picture Frames

Pros of plastic picture frames: Cheap, cheap, and cheap!

Cons of plastic picture frames: Cheap, cheap, and cheap! Though the low price will entice you, plastic frames are insubstantial and will probably snap or crack before long. Glass is heavy and it will only be a matter of time until a plastic frame will give under the pressure. Many custom framers do not even carry plastic frames because of their unreliability. Custom framers will suggest you go with a simple metal picture frame as an economical alternative.

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